flexible CORNERFORMER machines

Best in Corner Design

Applications for perfect corner finishing

Corner rounding and finishing by using the ACF CORNERFORMER for flat sheet metal is easy and flexible for:

  • any formable material
  • thickness of material (from 0,5 mm up to 5,0 mm)
  • flange height of road sign / door / panel
No part size limitation!


Design profiles of cold formed corners

Corner finishing for angles between 60° and 150°Corner angles: minimal 60° to maximum 150°
Corner finishing for radius between 2mm and 100mmCorner radius: minimal 2 mm up to 100 mm
Corner finishing with nothings after corner formingCorner notchings: after corner forming
Corner finishing for special corner designsSpecial corner designs


Advantages of corner finishing by ACF machine

The advantages of machine-finished corners in formable flat sheet metal, compared to welded and grinded corners, are as follows:

  1. Excellent and always consistent corner finishing in best quality of cold formed corners
  2. Extensive time savings through simplified door production process
          (reduction of manipulation and intermediate storage)
  3. Cost savings through higher output, reduced personnel, elimination of abrasives and welding consumables

Specific advantages are given through corner forming in:

  • Mild Steel - galvanized
    Zinc coating is pressed into the material through cold corner finishing and therefore the surface
    is better protected against rust, even without paint protection.
    No zinc spray, no manual zinc coating necessary.
  • Mild Steel - for porcelain enamelling
    The corner finishing is resistant against high temperature (higher than 960°)
    Smooth corner finishing surface gives best porcelain enamel coating flow and consequently highest quality in corner forming area.
  • Stainless Steel - any specification
    No change of colour on material surface and therefore no pickling
    Grinded surface is harmonically shaped and perfectly visible in the corner area

The flexible ACF corner finishing machine for flat sheet metal allows the production of below parts efficiently:

ACF finished corner of an electrical cabinet door with notchingsACF finished corner of a triangle road sign in galvanized mild steel

ACF finished corner of a table plate in stainless steelACF finished corner in stainless steel

ACF finished corner of an electrical cabinet door in mild steelACF finished corner of an INOX frame

Our corner finishing machine is a special bead making machine. Small corner sizes from 2mm - 100mm can be produced easily with specific tools.

Based on this background, beading by machine, with the advantages of corner finishing as combined system, is very attractive and flexible within:

  • material thickness
  • size of road signs
  • shape of road signs (quad / rectangular / triangle / octagonal)

Roll beaded corner in sheet metalRoll beaded corner in sheet metal

Roll beaded corner in sheet metalBeaded and trimmed corner in sheet metal

Road sign shapes: Corner finishing with the ACF CornerformerFinished corners in road signs finished with the ACF Cornerformer

Lifetime of our tools are longstanding. The tooling costs are low. Short cycle times for any shape of road sign is an attractive additional benefit.
The ACF corner finishing machine in combination with bead rolling for large corner radius allows the production of road signs in different materials and different shapes efficiently.

Information about the ACF corner finishing machine in connection with bead forming is available.