flexible CORNERFORMER machines

Best in Corner Design

Flexible cornerforming for various customer segments

Innovation for your profitability

The ACF CORNERFORMER provides extensive possibilities for various customer segments:

  • Electrical cabinets (enclosures / switchgears)
    independent from material formable: Mild Steel (including galvanized, pre painted, pre coated), Stainless Steel, Aluminium
  • Road signs
    any shape and any size of corner radius: octagonal, triangle, rectangular, quad, arrow.
    Even beading flanges can be delivered. Any size of road signs can be corner formed. Special road sign designs including LED lights / radar eyes.
  • Panel manufacturer
    • claddings (exterior)
    • ceiling elements (interior)
  • Steel furniture
    • laboratory
    • work shop
    • office
    • living rooms
    • plan chest
    • store chest
    • show cases
    • radiators/infrared heating elements
    • fire oven/stoves/gas cookers/pizza heaters
  • Covering elements for
    • press brakes
    • machine tools (turning, milling, laser cutting, spark erosion, folding)
    • plastics machinery (injection moulding, extrusion)
    • bakery machines
    • batchery machines
    • pressed air technics
    • cooling machines/cooling boxes
    • air conditions equipment
    • heating cabinets (driers)
    • packing machines
    • shoe machines
    • textile machines
    • laundry machines
    • food machines/boilers/vessels/tanks
    • beverage-vending machines
    • industrial food/kitchen
    • papershredder/shredders
    • elevators/escalators
    • stand by units/compressors
    • coffee machines
    • heating boilers
    • shelfs and housings
    • oiltank elements / bottom elements
    • cleanroom elements