flexible CORNERFORMER machines

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Cost savings through machine formed corners

Forming corners cold by machine resulting in a couple of advantages for you:

  • Improved quality of finished corners
    excellent and consistent cornerformer quality improves your product quality
  • Time savings
    simplified panel/door production process
    reduction of manipulation and intermediate storage
  • Cost savings
    no welding, no hand finishing work
    only 1 operator
    elimination of abrasives and welding consumables
    space requirement for machine approx. 1,5m²
  • Improved working conditions
    low noise level - no dirt creation

Your immediate advantages:

  • After corner forming of zinc coated Mild Steel: no manual zinc coating is necessary in the corner area.
  • A corner formed in Mild Steel for porcelain enamel coating: constant and resistant against high temperature (higher than 960°C).
  • Cold forming corners in Stainless Steel: no change of colour appears on the material surface. Therefore no pickling of the corners formed is necessary.


The time savings - It´s worth making the comparison

A panel/door with all 4 corners formed by the new flexible tool is compared with a welded and hand-finished panel/door:

Process rate comparison:

1CORNERFORMER-Multiflex, MF25/50/100 approx. 52 sec./Door
2CORNERFORMER-Variform, VF25 approx. 40 sec./Door
3Conventional Method (welding, grinding, finishing) - Mild Steel, approx. 12 min./Door
4Conventional Method (welding, grinding, finishing) - Aluminium, approx. 18 min./Door
5Conventional Method (welding, grinding, finishing) - Stainless Steel, approx. 24 min./Door

Please note:
all figures stated INCLUDES all handling time of operator (BOTTOM-BOTTOM TIME).
Additional time savings through optimization of fabrication - are not considered.
Press brake work - is not considered.
Production increase for machine formed corners with ACF Cornerformer