flexible CORNERFORMER machines

Best in Corner Design

Discover a new technology sheet metal corner rounder

Why do you still weld, if your corners could be formed cold? The flexible ACF CORNERFORMER Multiflex is a sheet metal corner rounder which provides the best solution for cold rounded corners in doors, panels and other flat sheet metal parts in a consistent perfect quality.

The new machine series MF25/MF50/MF100 is available as stand alone machine or in connection with notching units as well as manual operated or handled through robots (hand robots or linear robots).

Flexible universal tool for individual corners

The ACF technology gives high flexibility in cold rounded corners in any formable flat sheet metal, independent from:

  • material
  • material thickness
  • flange height of panel

The ACF CORNERFORMER is not limited to the size of your flat sheet metal parts.
Corner formed with the ACF sheet metal corner rounderWelded and grinded corner in sheet metal
The flexible ACF sheet metal corner rounder solution is the best solution for cold formed corders in:

  • Doors for electrical cabinets/switch gears/enclosures including any sealing profile notchings
  • Special electrical cabinet doors for food production
  • Covers for PB-boxes
  • Special doors and parts for underfloor-elctrical cabinets in highspeed trains
  • Panels
  • Ceiling elements - interior
  • Claddings - exterior on buildings
  • Box covers/wall parts
  • Trays
  • Draws
  • Design-elements for kitchen and elevators
  • Bottoms for vessels and boilers in chemical industry and food industries
  • Drip trays for air conditions
  • Road signs in any size and shape
  • Name plates
  • Building signatures
  • Signatures for Underground railway stations (including porcelaine enamelling surface)
  • Cover elements for machines
  • Oil-tank elements
  • Rack elements
  • Mailbox doors and elements
  • Fire oven doors
  • Front doors for cookers and pizza ovens
  • Parts for gas ovens
  • Cooking trays
  • Doors for nostalgic design fire ovens
  • Kitchen rear elements
  • Interior and door-elements for hospitals
  • Elements for clean rooms
  • Covers for radiators and infrared heating elements
  • Doors for Caravans
  • Interior elements for cooling equipment in supermakets
  • Covers for heating elements in trains
  • Heating elements for swimming pools
  • Covers for air conditions
  • and other similar parts with rounded corners